Finished this like a week ago I just forgot to post it

Plz full view

This has just been sitting in my folder for like a month and I figured I should finally post it?

I don’t give my Trickster!KK design enough love

what a dumbass

I blame this on my boyfriend who was talking about a yandere Karkat and I have this weakness for both yanderes and Karkat and I acknowledge that i have a problem

10 minute warm up doodle 

It seems my style has changed yet again whoops

I wanted to draw sparkly animu desu eyes and accidentally drew the cover to a shojo beat magazine

I’ve been messing with these for like a day and a half UGH

I’ll add more later

Beta Signless more like babe signless am I right

Based on the design by lunaticjin

Finally got around to making a talksprite for Inidea

I used this base by miserygk on deviantart as kind of a rough layout, since getting the style to match up with canon was a huge problem for me.

EDIT: Added another one . w.

Congratulations, Mark, you finally did it.

(If you like this, plz check out my much better, much more serious Mark art here-> x)