So I recently saw the ‘Mishapocalypse #2’ post, and, well… I quite frankly think it’s a bad idea. For several reasons.

1) The first one was basically one massive April Fools Day prank. And even then, a lot of people got fed up with it very quickly. Doing it again, midway through the year? I don’t think that’s going to go over so well. (Not to mention, shouldn’t Mishapocalypse 2 be preserved until April 1st next year?)

2)The idea for #2, as I understand it, was to do it on Misha’s birthday. Well, why? Why not do something for Misha on his birthday, instead of doing something that’s not actually anything for Misha, and is probably just going to get a lot of people mad at the SPN fandom?

As such, tumblr user charliefishxd had a good idea; why don’t we all donate to Random Acts, Misha’s charity organization, instead?

SO, I propose a movement; instead of Mishapocalypse #2, why don’t we make August 20th Not-So-Random Acts day? On the 20th, everyone try to donate what you can to Random Acts. And, if you can’t donate, make something to promote others to donate, and we can spread those around like wildfire. Maybe photoshop the Random Acts logo onto random nonsensical things?

Basically, instead of taking over tumblr with photoshopped pictures of Misha’s face, let’s take over tumblr with promotions for Random acts.Think like VlogBrothers’s Project for Awesome, where nerdfighters take over the front page of youtube with videos promoting different charities. It’ll be participant’s job to search out other Randoms Acts promos and reblog them.

If you do participate, be sure to tag your posts as #not so random acts day and link to random acts:

Please please please spread this around, guys! I think Misha would appreciate this tons more than another Mishapocalypse~

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